Tools for Taking the Tears out of Deciphering Handwriting

If you have been following me on social media lately, you have probably noticed that I have been participating in Genealogy Girl Talks’ “Genealogy Photo a Day”. Basically, she posts a prompt for each day of the month and followers can then post their pictures using the hashtag #genealogyphotoaday. It is a lot of fun... Continue Reading →


Homestead National Monument

After our stop at Alcove Spring, Kansas (you can read about Alcove Springs in my previous blog post), we headed north into Nebraska. We planned to camp at Fort Kearney for the night, however, we decided to take a minor detour to visit the small town of Beatrice, Nebraska. Mind you, Beatrice is nowhere near... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wisdom

Hello y’all, my summer cold is kicking my butt and I am traveling again this week, so I have not had time to write my second post about my Oregon Trail vacation. However, I did not want to leave you hanging without any content, so I decided to share a little Wednesday Wisdom. As a... Continue Reading →

Jumping Off: Day 1 on the Oregon Trail

Well, my family and I have returned from our epic 4500-mile road trip across the American west via the Oregon Trail. If you haven’t noticed, I have been missing in action since returning I came down with a debilitating summer cold, thankfully it wasn’t anything serious like cholera or dysentery that many overland pioneers experienced.... Continue Reading →

Oregon or Bust

Tomorrow my family and I will embark on our annual two-week summer vacation and this year’s destination is more of a journey. In honor of the Oregon Trail’s 175 anniversary, we will be traveling along the backroads of America by car following the original Oregon Trail as closely as possible. As it happens, I will... Continue Reading →

Genealogy Facebook Groups

As many of you know, I attended the National Genealogical Society’s conference this year up in Michigan. While I was there I attended society night, and it was there that I made an extraordinary new friend. Her name is Katherine R. Wilson and let me tell you, she is amazing. Katherine is a professional genealogist... Continue Reading →

Family Recipe Friday

As a way of keeping the blog updated and making good use of my time during this brief break from school, I have decided to post at least once a week, possibly twice. Not quite knowing what to write about, I found a list of prompts, one of which I really liked since it went... Continue Reading →

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