Oregon or Bust

Tomorrow my family and I will embark on our annual two-week summer vacation and this year’s destination is more of a journey. In honor of the Oregon Trail’s 175 anniversary, we will be traveling along the backroads of America by car following the original Oregon Trail as closely as possible. As it happens, I will... Continue Reading →


Genealogy Facebook Groups

As many of you know, I attended the National Genealogical Society’s conference this year up in Michigan. While I was there I attended society night, and it was there that I made an extraordinary new friend. Her name is Katherine R. Wilson and let me tell you, she is amazing. Katherine is a professional genealogist... Continue Reading →

Family Recipe Friday

As a way of keeping the blog updated and making good use of my time during this brief break from school, I have decided to post at least once a week, possibly twice. Not quite knowing what to write about, I found a list of prompts, one of which I really liked since it went... Continue Reading →

Day 1 NGS 2018 Conference

Day One of the National Genealogical Society’s (NGS) 2018 Conference began with a magnificent trip down the history of the Erie Canal and the impacts it had on our ancestors (you can read more about it here) by John Phillip Colletta. At the conclusion of his lecture, the conference attendees, I included, anxiously made our... Continue Reading →

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